Where Attention 


Energy Flows



I am just wondering;

Do you know where you are placing your attention?




Because that is where your subtle body energy is flowing.

Sue Ellen Jones

Lesson One

Stolen Identity

Once upon a time in a Kingdom far, far away a Royal family celebrated the birth of a most beautiful little girl, Joy.

Lesson Two

Recognize your subtle energy body

Once you’ve discovered your identity is God’s own identity, you are completely hidden in Christ, what’s next in accessing, walking in, your subtle body energy? 

Lesson Three

The Science of it all  

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy. "

Albert SzentGyorgyl,

Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner

Lesson Four

Putting it all together

If you think about it from a Christian view Jesus used energy and Jesus got INSTANT results. He could perceive energy that left his body. He could disappear in a crowd, he could heal now, he could restore life. These are all possibilities in the spirit realm, in the realm of energy.

Where Your Attention Goes

Energy Flows


L-1  Stolen Identity

L--1-Stolen-Identity-Episode-7-fd9e5af2dSue Ellen Jones
00:00 / 14:34

L-2  Our Subtle Energy Body

L--2-Our-Subtle-Body-Energy-Me-9f22bdeb1Sue Ellen Jones
00:00 / 15:52

L-3  The Science of it All

The Science of it All MeditationSue Ellen Jones
00:00 / 10:02

L-4 Putting it all together

00:00 / 13:40
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