Sue's Essential Life Essence Classroom


Welcome to Sue's E O Classroom - 2019 

I will be your teacher. Here is what you do.



              It is best to begin with lesson 1 then mix and match as your interests lead.


Video's were done as a team training so just ignore that part.  But if you answer the 3 short questions on all 8 videos I will send you a nice gift. Just message me, "I answered all the questions for all 8 videos" - Give me your snail mail address and YOUR GIFT will be in the mail.   

If you like what you see please share with others. Best way to build confidence in using essential oils is by using them & learning about them, it goes hand in hand. A little education goes a long way and is not a dangerous thing if, in fact, your 'knowing' is already in place, the lessons will awaken you to powers of intuition you may not have been aware you possessed. Using the oils coupled with knowledge will bring life and that more abundantly!!! So here we go. 


Sue's EO Classroom

Dedicated to my mother

who didn't live long enough to meet her grandchildren.