Daisy Meditation

 "The quality of our lives depends on the stillness that we find at the centre."

                  John Main

Just like you - each daisy is unique and one of a kind.

Simply Lovely

Elements of Meditation

Let your personal meditation practice

be your own heart's expression

How to Begin


1. Select one or more of the Elements of Meditation.


2. Use your intuition, select the elements you are drawn to.


3. Try different elements and combinations depending on how you feel.

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Heading 5


Sit or lie down - keep

your back fairly straight

Breathe several deep breaths
Observe each breath.
Speak to your body - tell it to RELAX
Notice any fidgeting, rocking, tapping and bring it all into stillness. Rest in Stillness.  Let go of every stray thought
Stillness Meditation
Bring your body into  quietness
Use the Stillness Element
Begin to  observe your Breath*
Do nothing more
Let go of stray thoughts
Keep breathing ~ Keep observing
When you are ready  begin expressing gratefulness with thanksgiving.
For 10 min. or as long as you like


*If you like ~ inhale for 5 sec. Hold 5 sec. Exhale for 5 sec. Then increase 1 sec. until you reach 10 sec.  This greatly helps quiet the mind and nerves.  
Breath of Life
Bring yourself into the Sacred Silence.  You can  use  the Stillness Element.

One Word

Select ONE WORD or a short phrase that is meaningful to you. I  use  the  Hebrew word l'chayim it means - TO LIFE.
You might choose 'I AM'
This is a very powerful mantra
Say the word SILENTLY In your mind
Repeat ~ silently for 20 min. 
One Word Meditation
Let go of stray thoughts
Bring your physical body into Stillness


Take several deep cleansing Breaths
Picture in your mind an inner smile. It might show up on the outside too   😊
Remain still on the inside and outside. Observe your breath.
And continue practicing the inner smile.
Enter a spirit of gratefulness and Thankfulness.
Meditate for 10 or more minutes.
Smiling Meditation
Bring your body and your mind into the Sacred Silence.
Use the Stillness Element.


Call to mind your 'happy place.; It might be with someone, be a particular place like an outdoor sanctuary or a beautiful sunset.
See it,
Hear the sounds 
Enter a spirit of gratefulness and Thankfulness.

"The feeling is the prayer" Gregg Braden

Feeling Meditation
Take 3 deep cleansing breaths
Use the Stillness Element to bring your body and mind into Peace and Quietness
Peace opens your heart and mind to Divine love.
Speak to your body to Relax and go deeper into relaxation
Dwell in the Sacred Silence for several minutes
Be thankful and accepting of yourself in this moment of time. Sit with unconditional acceptance for a while
Continue . . . Imagine a picture of yourself in perfect health. In your minds eye see yourself doing something you can only do when completely healthy.
(This is your state as God sees you, by his stripes you ARE healed. You are agreeing with God and have tuned in to the God Channel)
Feel deeply the feelings of gratitude, joy with Thankfulness.
Hold this vision as long as you like.


Healing Meditation teaching & Med.
Bring your physical body into quiet Stillness
Breathe several deep breaths
Allow nervous energy to drain away and 'know' unconditional love is filling your heart and mind with a warm glow . 
Use an Inner Smile
Use One Word, your sacred word or - Ma -ra- na- the (Come Lord Jesus)
 Je - sus (to deliver)
 L'-  chaim (to life)
Repeat your word 
When you are ready enter into a spirit of gratefulness with Thanksgiving. 
Meditate 20 min. or as long as you like. 

Sue's Meditation

Sue's meditation


What is your wildest  dream?
Use the Stillness Element to become inwardly quiet and at rest.
Continue gently Breathing
Bring your dream into view.
See your dream on the movie screen of  your mind. 
Sit with the movie for a time, you are the star! 
Feel your joy and exaltation of living your dream.Continue watching and experiencing emotions of satisfaction and happiness.
Express deep feelings of THANKFULNESS.
Stay with your vision as long as you wish. Energetically you are creating you're NOW.
Imagination Meditation

En Christo

Use the Stillness Element to begin
Scan your body from head to toe and be sure the physical body is still and quiet.
Use the Breath Element. We are quieting our mind and nerves. We are opening our hearts to love.
Use spirit vision. Imagine you are in the Kingdom, Imagine what that looks like, smells like, sounds like, FEELS LIKE. 
This is your personal vision of you EN CHRISTO - in Christ. Continue to watch and feel as love fills your heart. Love flows to every part of you! You are Love.
Such love passes all understanding
Such love heals you, empowers you, makes you alive in the Spirit. Such love you cannot express  you can only say thank you to your God, Father, Brother, Lover and friend.
Thank you
En Christo
Bring your physical body into quietness, still and serene.
Do a body scan speaking to your physical body, inviting it to relax. 
Bring your mind and heart into peace and quietness. This is the Sacred Silence.
Gently close your eyes. and intentionally observe your breath. Be aware of your breath as it flows in, fills your lungs, expands your chest and flows out again.
Use your imagination: See a beautiful glowing wine flow into your head, then filling all your body with a heavenly light. Observe your glowing body.

New Wine

Begin to FEEL the  light.  Is it warm or cool or is it fizzy? 
Appreciate your physical body, how it was made perfectly for the flowing warm wine of God's love. 
Enter into a  spirit of thankfulness and gratitude.
New Wine and New WineskinsSue Ellen Jones
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Welcome to Sacred Silence.

This is a special offering to help us all enter the practice of meditation with a great degree of confidence and experience success in this contemplative prayer of the heart. 


I believe we can receive inner instructions from the Holy Spirit, our teacher, that gives life to our prayers and meditations. Just as every single thing created by God is a UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF HIM so are we. Every lily of the field, every blade of grass, grain of sand, snowflake and yes, every daisy is uniquely made, one of a kind, expression of God in the earth. To broaden our understanding of meditation I envisioned a daisy flower with simple white petals, each one a part of the daisy, made by God yet expressed slightly differently, a different shade of glory. That is how I understand meditation, simple lovely white petals on a daisy, all belonging, all beautiful alone, while being creatively inspiring in any combination too.  


Simple Reminders of what Meditation is and what it is not.  


  • Meditation is the heart’s prayer, It is Stillness, Silence and Simplicity.

  • Intentionally shifting your consciousness from the mind to the heart, from the tree of knowledge to the tree of life.

  • It is not a time for self introspection and analysis

  • Let go of intrusive thoughts and images.

  • What is left? The great I Am

  • .Meditation in the Christian tradition is called “pure prayer” or “prayer of the heart”,


    “When we meditate we are not thinking about God or speaking to God.  We are simply being with God in the silence and stillness of the present moment. We move from the mind to the heart. It is a prayer of silence, stillness and attention. The essence of all prayer (and love) is attention.”


  St Paul tells us that the Spirit prays within us, deeper than words. When we meditate we are                                         allowing what we think of as ‘my prayer’ to become one with the prayer of the Spirit.”’ 

    “Jesus said in the Beatitudes – "Happy are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven

.                                                 When we meditate we are becoming poor in spirit.



I.     Contemplate the various elements or petals of meditation and let the holy spirit guide you. The voice of God is in you, in quietness His voice is heard. Be Still Let go of outside distractions, let the practice of meditation open your heart to love. 


       A. Meditation:

  1. Shifting our center of consciousness from the mind to the heart.

  2. Don’t analyze yourself.

  3. Let go of thoughts images and day dreams. Vlole  we experience I AM

  4. God is our teacher. Be in his presence mindfully.

  5. Meditation in the Christian tradition is called “pure prayer” or “prayer of the heart”,

  6. Stillness-“When we meditate we are not thinking about God or speaking to God.  We are simply being with God in the silence and stillness of the present moment. We move from the mind to the heart. It is a prayer of silence, stillness and attention. The essence of all prayer (and love) is attention.”

  7. PHYSICALLY -To Meditate: Sit still, quiet your physical body. We bring our whole body into prayer. “The quality of our lives depends on the stillness that we find at the center.” John Main

  8. Use a mantra: Brother Lawrence suggests Ma-ra-na-the  or use Abba, or I am using Le’Chaim.   Using a foreign  language  means you pray the word without your mind getting involved.  

  9. Next- Quiet your mind. Do this by putting your attention on your breath.

  10. John Main: “do no  look for an experience during meditation rather just be, Your life as a whole will change you will see the fruit of the spirit emerging.”

  11. Meditation involves the whole person - body, soul and spirit

    Only in the present moment can we find real peace.


Reminder: Meditation is good for your health:

  • reduces stress

  • increases sleep

  • reduces pain

  • allows the body to heal itself

  • lowers bp

Other changes you may experience

  • Spiritually opens us to the fruit of our own spirit

  • Opens us to self knowledge which opens us to know God. 

  • Be still and know

  • Also unknowing, preconceptions, negative filters. 


KEY POINT: This is the heart of meditation. You can only meet God in the present moment, it is the mystery of Christ.

It is the prayer of Jesus flowing continuously in our heart. The Holy Spirit praying through you. 

  1. Our CHALLENGE - It’s so simple. Meditation simplifies us. It brings us back to our childlikeness. The Kingdom of God is within. Jesus sat a small child in their midst and said that unless we become as little children we will not enter the Kingdom, we will not enter our own heart space.


B. MANY DIFFERENT PRACTICES - one objective goal

  1. Here is a list of some of the meditative practices you can practice

    • Loving-kindness meditation. …

    • Body scan or progressive relaxation. …

    • Mindfulness meditation. …

    • Breath awareness meditation. …

    • Kundalini yoga. …

    • Zen meditation. …

    • Transcendental Meditation




  • Touch the face of God - know Christ is in you and you are in Christ


I use the ‘elements of meditation’, what we can do on purpose to quiet our minds from daily cares of this world. Thus we welcome the Mind of Christ.  His mind is in harmony with Father’s love. In this contemplative state our hearts synchronize with the Divine. We enter his courts with praise, our inner sanctuary, find community with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. While basking in His all consuming presence. The new creation talked about in the Bible is US. He and I as one. All of us in Him. AND He is in us. Picture a big circle as God with a little circle inside the big circle as us.