• Sue Ellen Jones


Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Pearl of Wisdom - Does little turtle think he is too green, too fat, too short or too slow? Or does he know he is just RIGHT? 

What do you believe about your body?

Do you appreciate your body, do you feel at home in your body? Do the movements of your arms and legs amaze you? Are you thankful for each breath you take and the wonder of automatic reflexes, subconscious responses to stimuli that help maintain homeostasis and protect against injury working 24/7 to feed your cells, defend against foreign invaders and extract waste without your conscious attention?

I confess to under appreciating almost everything about my body from my body type, hair, weight and my physical attributes which didn't correspond with society's standard of beauty. The church taught me that "the flesh" was synonymous with sin, missing the mark, unworthy - ugh! That was the last thing I needed to hear.  

First of all I had to get over the idea that my body is 'just flesh'. Jesus came in the flesh, so how bad can it be?  Hahaha,

In truth, biblically speaking, your body is simply a house, a home, a temple, a dwelling place for the real you and God. 

I personally think little turtle knows this! 

The bible records the Jewish temple as a very special building. Every single building material was selected by God. After it was built God anointed the temple with Holy Oils. The beautiful oil and resin of Frankincense, was just one of the oils. It was a picture of Christ - the Anointed One. It was also a picture of you and I. Christian means 'Little Christ'. Little Anointed Ones - that sounds just about right! Is the Little Anointed One UNWORTHY??????  GOD FORBID!

Pearl of Wisdom- Learn to appreciate your amazing body.  Be thankful. Be kind and forgiving to your body. Today, accept your body just the way it is. Let self acceptance begin to attract good food, gentle and kind thoughts and compassion towards yourself and others. Anoint your divine body with oils, Frankincense, Myrrh and Spikenard.

Use your free will to choose love. Love lifts, cheers and¬†¬†brightens the¬†heart. Above all be thankful for your body.¬†Adorn your body¬†as a royal princess with purple and gold raiment. Not really,ūüėä ¬†but select colors that bring joy to your heart and are pleasant to your eyes.¬†¬†

In all the universe God is at home in you. See yourself, your body, as God sees you. Your body is a home but it is not 'you.'