• Sue Ellen Jones

Lifestyle ~ Living Food QUIZ

Healthy Choices. Right from the garden to the table!


McDonald's Hamburger                 _________________________

Grapefruit                                          _________________________

Wholewheat Bread                          _________________________

Milk                                                     _________________________

Coke                                                   _________________________

Fresh fruits and vegetables           _________________________

French fries                                      _________________________

Salad                                                 _________________________

Candy                                               _________________________

bacon                                                _________________________

1. D, 2. L, 3. L, 4. L, 5. D, 6. L, 7. D, 8. L, 9. D, 10. D.

Pretty Simple ūüė䬆and I'll bet you all did pretty well. ¬†It seems we all KNOW THE ANSWERS! ¬†So why do so many of us eat the wrong foods by choice? ¬†


Do we really expect dead food to support our living bodies?  Then why can't we stop eating them? A big part of the answer is because dead 'foods' have addictive qualities. Sometimes our food choices have altered even our DNA.  Much of the time it's the sugar that creates the cravings including the carbs which convert to simple sugars and/or the salt. Sugar (the primary villain of food addictions) is not an easy addiction to break. However there is another villain called the hormone Cortisol.
1. Something in our past taught us to fear and react in certain subconsciously recorded patterns. Thus today's reaction to a particular stressor is pretty much the same as our reaction when we were six years old. We have developed an emotional addiction to a previous experience. Addictions must be broken  that we may be free to make our own decisions. As a result of our addiction to the emotion of fear the hormone Cortisol, our body's fight and flight response is released over and over again.  Sometimes 24/7 for years.
2. The physiological stress of overeating coupled with the stress we put on our bodies by eating nutritionally deficient food loaded with sugar leaves our cells in a toxic condition. The overabundance of the stress hormone, Cortisol has also contributed to this toxic cellular environment.  
3. As a result we gain weight which leads to a 'diet.' The merry-go-round begins to turn and after many repeated failures at dieting our self esteem plummets even further. Being overweight brings a whole host of negative feelings. We feel shame and guilt along with feelings of being embarrassed by our weight which can lead to isolation.  These negative emotions are doing as much harm or even more harm than the actual impact of our addictions and the subsequent weight put on the physical body. 
¬†ūüíßof Wisdom: One Thing. -¬†Honor your body by giving up one thing¬†loaded with sugar like¬†pop, cookies, desserts, or¬†beer.¬†And start reading some affirmations over yourself every day.¬†Until you¬†love, appreciate and care for¬†yourself all other diet efforts will be temporary fixes. The battle may change battle fields but you will still have a fight in your mind¬†with the comdemning voice until you honor,¬†appreciate and love¬†yourself.
Go to Body Soul and Spirit. Here I give you some really wonderful affirmations to help you learn to be kind to yourself. I also wrote a blog article to help us reconnect with the family dinner hour as a powerful¬†hour of spiritual and relational health and wellness.¬† And I suggest using¬†Essential Oils. They will greatly support your effort to avoid sugar while keeping your inner message positive. ¬† You will thank me. ¬†‚Äč‚Äč‚Ä謆 ¬† What's for Dinner?