• Sue Ellen Jones

Meditation and Mindfulness

Updated: Feb 3

 Pearl of Wisdom:To increase and expand body mind and soul  awareness  use Frankincense essential oil on your temples and diffuse in the room.

Be alone

Sit comfortably 

Close your eyes

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly

Repeat 2 more times

Take another deep breath

Hold it for 5 seconds

Let the breath out slowly

Repeat 2 more times

(this quiets the mind and nervous system)

Keep breathing naturally

Begin to scan your body with your mind

(Here you are awakening awareness to your energy body, your spirit)

Focus your attention on your scalp

Feel a tingling sensation

Relax your scalp, go deeper

Continue to scan your whole body and each time tell yourself to go deeper into relaxation 

Finish with your feet

See yourself in your minds eye 

filled with light

See the light your body is emitting all around you.

Feel the energy of the light

(You are a creature of light, now you are seeing and experiencing your identity)

In this place speak

I Am enough

I Am filled with joy

I Am love

I love myself

I Am living an abundant life

I attract the best of all the possibilities

I Am healthy

I Am strong

I Am wise

I Am successful

I Am wealthy


Feel your amazing elevated emotions

Linger with the feelings 

Linger with I AM

When you are ready

slowly open your eyes