• Sue Ellen Jones

Relevant Lifestyle Change

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

What are relevant lifestyle changes?

They are changes that come from your inner knowing, intuition and genius. Changes that make YOU FEEL GOOD on the inside.

You have heard of relevant lifestyle changes before and at times you've followed your inner knowing, your heart. Soon experienced anxiety but a strength rose up that overcame the fear. That in itself is a liberating experience. However other times, if you're like me, fear won out and kept you from embracing the new thing, stopped you from making room for serious relevant lifestyle changes in your life.

Maybe . . . your inner critic told you it 'wouldn't make any difference so why change"

Maybe . . . you said, "NO" to the voice in your head but the voice was still shouting.

Eventually . . . you just gave up, no more fighting.

Meditation can still the voice while ushering in a sweet blanket of rest and assurance. I wrote this meditation for the person who follows the bible. I realize you would be more comfortable with scripture.

Let's get ourselves ready to begin. I place essential oils on the back of my neck and my temples as well as a few drops in a diffuser. They help us every step of the way. Quietness will be your guide. Time is your friend, don't rush. If extraneous thoughts come - just let them go and continue in quietness and stillness. "Be still and KNOW that I am God."

It shouldn't be so hard, it really isn't so hard. Try this with me.

1. Be still. Breathe. Breathe slowly in and slowly out. Follow the breath as it comes in and as you exhale. Do this for 3 min. Now your mind and nervous system are quiet and calm.
2. Say: Be Still and Know that I am God. Say this 5 times slowly. Breathe in and out slowly, follow your breath. Do this 5 times.
3. Now say: I am still and I know God. Repeat this just like no. 2. Do this 5 times.
4. Now how do you feel? Feel your body from your head to your toes. Let your body relax more. Keep breathing. Do this for 3 min.
5. Slowly move your hands and feet, open your eyes and take one more breath.

This meditation is a positive change in your lifestyle. If you do this daily your mind will begin to think in positive life giving ways. You will begin to experience some 'happy' thoughts too and that critic in your head will lose significance, no one will be listening any longer. Do this meditation and before long you'll be spending more time outdoors, walking with neighbors or just enjoying nature. Your food selections will begin to improve as well. Your happy self pays attention to what the body needs and is hungry for good things. Good things happen when people enter His rest and leave anxiety and worry behind. The 'world' is full of care and concern. But the soul that is still knows only the love, joy and peace of God.

Be Still and Know that I Am God.