• Sue Ellen Jones

Renew your Mind. circumstance + perception = outcome

Have you ever read what the bible says about our thoughts and hearts?  I read it a million TIMES and completely missed the message. Here, read it for yourself.

Proverbs 22:7 "As a man thinks in his heart so is he."

What does this mean to you? For years fear accompanied this verse. I never considered that I was created to have lofty thoughts full of faith, love and peace. Inconceivable that I could project good into the world from my thoughts and heart and see it come to pass. I understood my mind and heart were evil and desperately wicked, who could know them?  There was no hope, no hope for anyone. Secretly I blamed others for my failures and I of course I blamed God. Who created me with evil potential and who, in his omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence stood by while I ignorantly screwed up my life and you, dear reader, you also experienced terrific troubles too didn't you? For such a deity to stand by while innocent children are horribly abused, women stolen from families to be sold in the sex trade industry, cruel horrific wars and famine waiting for men to get it together and "invite" the All Mighty into "evil" hearts, let alone someone called Abba, Daddy, well it made no sense, none. Of course I gave the devil a lot of credit since he seemed more powerful, more influential than God.  

Today Thank goodness I understand it differently. I renewed my mind in Christ. 

     There are three things going on,

      1. as a man thinks

      2. in his heart

3. the Outcome - so is he. 

Here is what I 'think'ūüėÜ

Firstly, thinking involves our brain which produces thoughts and thoughts are energy either positively or negatively charged. Thoughts are the vocabulary of our brain. So first thing we have is a thought. 

Secondly, the heart language is our feelings and our feelings produce emotions which is also energy. Emotions are released in our body as chemicals. The chemicals will either negatively or positively effect our physical bodies.Read that again. Which means how you feel, the accompanying emotion has an effect on your body. That includes our brain.

Thirdly, our thoughts and heart energy produce an outcome.

Outcome #1 If thoughts are kind, nonjudgmental, looking for the good in situations and people the energy of love heals brokenness attracting goodness into one's life. 
Outcome #2 If thoughts are fearful and/or condemning the heartsenergyis negative. We will live in anxiety and our bodies will eventually mirror our negativity, our lack of ease becomes dis-ease. 

Proverbs 4:23 ‚ÄúAbove all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.‚ÄĚ

In keeping with Prov. 22:7 By free will we can choose to dwell in the secret place of the Most High. This place is the wellspring of life. Peace, love and joy are the fruit of the Spirit. We live from Spirit.

Meditation and prayer offer us an opportunity to 'change our minds' or repent. (Repentance Greek -  Metanoia-Meta- after, noia - thought.) it means - afterthought or in spiritual context to change your mind and agree with God. It may include regret but not as the primary interpretation). I needed to  renew my mind in the truth so I would begin thinking with the mind of Christ. Pray to see yourself as God sees you. Agree with God, He is Love perfected which is how God loves us, perfectly!  It's not about your behavior it's about your identity. You are an offspring of divine love, agree with that. You are made in the perfect, express image of God. God said through Jesus, ONLY BELIEVE, all things are possible to him who believes. Believe what? Believe that God is LOVE, he is good all the time. Believe you are HIS son, HIS daughter.  

Believe he loves you all the time. Believe he isn't angry with you, he never was. Believe there no separation. Can one be separate from one's earthly parent? Doesn't DNA makes it virtually impossible to deny 'Who You Are.?'  What about your  spiritual DNA? Can anyone deny spiritual parentage? Believe in yourself! Why? Because God does but also because God is IN you AS you. As you honor and respect yourself you honor and respect God. It's just like telling your kids to uphold, honor and cherish the family name. God is our Father, we pray in his name which is OUR NAME. We are his kids, how could his name not be our name? Your thoughts begin to elevate when you agree with God. Your thoughts become high and lifted up! Now the energy of your thoughts and emotions project everything that is divine. Love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Longsuffering, Temperance, Faith, Hope. . to lift up, build up, cheer up yourself, those around you and even the entire world.Change your mind and you change the world. 

Renew your mind .