• Sue Ellen Jones


Updated: May 3, 2019

What do you believe about the incarnation of Christ in man?

Christ means anointed one, the Anointed One is in mankind and is our HOPE of glory.  We are one with God, God incarnate in man is the new creation, the new man. Jesus came as the God Man, the new creation, to show us who we are. Jesus was the seed of God in the earth, planted in man.(Remember man is from the earth)

Learn from nature:

"A seed is 'planted' in the ground, a grave, and it dies. But only to rise toward the sun a fantastic creation, more glorious than the 'original seed', a seed which ALWAYS contained the whole life of the plant" 

Pearl of Wisdom; Be still. Listen to your heart. In quietness you will hear your own story. 

God planted you 'in' the earth. As a seed you will die. But the life of God is within you, this life was always in you and one day after man's wisdom and religion have run their course you will awaken  to life in the Spirit. The Spirit becomes more real than your flesh and blood body. With heighten senses you see in the spirit what is. God declared it all good with beauty everywhere you look. Sickness, anxiety and  fear aren't seen the same way any longer. They simply do not exist in the spirit world, light obliterates darkness. Our eyes behold the loving kindness of God not judgement and fear.  Jesus, the saints and mystics of old, all faced fiery trials and tribulations. Jesus sweat great drops of blood, he was pressed down like grapes in the wine press for the joy that was set before him (Spirit vision).  Remember the three Israeli children who were tossed into the fiery furnace only to walk around with the Son of God unscathed. Their situation was defined by their perception and not fear. Can you remember the others? 

Recline in rest, close your eyes and see the lions den, or David and Goliath or Peter in prison and ask God to see the joy that was set before them as they redefined seemingly dire situations through faith in God's goodness and love. Peter sang from a heart full of peace. Listen, your heart is also speaking and it might sound a lot like your voice.  Remember you and God are ONE. Acknowledge your fear, acknowledge God's goodness, experience the emotion of divine love. Now what do you see?  In all things be thankful. 

Spirit is elusive. Feel it but you cannot hold the spirit.