• Sue Ellen Jones

Stinkin' Thinkin'

What is stinkin thinkin? How about the opposite of Exalted Thinkin'. Hahaha Stinkin' Thinkin' is thinking anything that isn't true, thoughts/ beliefs rooted in untruth.

It all depends on what you believe about God. If you believe there is a God, if you believe God is the Divine Source of life, if you believe God is your source of life, then it follows you also believe you were made by divine decree, by divine inspiration, by divine thought, by a HOLY, PERFECT and LOVING God. Agree?

If stinkin thinkin is the result of believing lies where did the lies come from? They didn't come from God, he cannot have a bad thought. They came from you, your choice, your free will, is to believe God or not. God didn't make us polly parrots he made us brilliant thinkers after himself but not programed. He instructed us to capture thoughts that do not line up with the truth. Our thoughts HAVE CONSEQUENCES. When we are aware of our unbelieving thoughts, our stinkin thinkin, negative thoughts scrolling across the screen of our mind, then we can, by free will, take action and eliminate such heresy, simply hit DELETE. We all have these kinds of interloper imaginations at times. And sometimes we just don't want to believe the truth, like loving our enemy or being good to those who despitefully use us. Still it's our choice, by free will, TO CAPTURE or NOT TO CAPTURE lying, fearful, unbelieving thoughts. These thoughts will go on to create more fear, more lies and your body and circumstances will reflect your personal unbeliefs.

We are free to choose, by free will, to believe what God says about us or not. When we choose to believe the record God has already given us we create an inner joy of quiet confidence that produces more goodness in our lives. Since we are made in his image we have quite a bit of untapped creative resources available to us. Paul told the Ephesians that they had God's power in them and were capable of more than they could even ask or think. That's suggesting they had lofty, anointed, creative capabilities.

Makes me think I want to choose to serve God today and believe in my awesome self. I choose, by free will, to believe what he's already said is true. I am a child of a King. I am a new creation, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am part of the vine and Christ flows through me, I have the mind of Christ, I am the temple of the Holy Spirit and so on.

Just in case you think this is all 'relative' that we have the power to loose everything, let me assure you, you can only influence the here and now. We come from God we are not THE source, He is. Ultimately,God determines the fate of HIS creation. Let's see: did you ask to be born? be a girl, be a boy, live in China or the good ole' USA, be born now or did you ask to be born 2000 yrs. ago? Oh, you didn't get to request any of this. Maybe you requested your hair color or eye color, how about your parents ~ did you choose (by free will) your parents? No you did not.Your freewill works only for the here and now, not the before and after. God determines our beginnings and our endings. We get to choose the middle.😀 Will you live as a pauper or a prince.(only believe )? Are you Cinderella the chamber maid or Cinderella the princess? Are you a Joyful believer in goodness and love or are you down in the mouth (poor me) kind of unbeliever. To not confess and value 'who you are' is perhaps the greatest mistake a man or women can make and the worse possible stinkin thinkin immaginable. Exalted Thinkin' or Stinkin' Thinkin' it's your choice. But irregardless of how you manage this life ultimately you're in good hands. Choose your thoughts wisely, believe in love, follow gentleness and kindness with all men and experience kingdom living now, from the inside out.