• Sue Ellen Jones

L -3 The Science of Our Subtle Energy Body

Updated: Feb 2

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner.

What is the difference between our physical energy and our subtle energy?

Beginning with Newtonian Physics we will progress to todays theory of Quantum Physics, or as some scientists call it Einsteinian medicine, all explained as simply as possible.

Newtonian Physics allows scientist to study anything they can experiment with and experience with their 5 senses. This led to the understanding that the world is material.

The science of Quantum Physics began in Europe with Max Planck, Erwin Schroedinger and Werner Heisenberg studying things too small to see, subatomic particles. Then Albert Einstein discovered E = mc2 and it all boils down to every thing is energy and all the are moving.

So what do you and I know about energy? We are all familiar with everyday uses of energy such as energy to make our coffee, bring light and heat into our homes, television and radio energy, computers, our own physical energy and the energy required to drive our cars.

Quantum Physics is an unseen energy and our observation changes the outcome. 😀

The Einsteinian paradigm of healing:

“Vibrational Medicine attempts to interface

with primary subtle energetic fields that

underlie and contribute to the functional

expression of the physical body.

Vibrational Medicine Richard Gerber, M.D.

Our Role - Speak Life

Science has shown that our intentions have influence at the subatomic level. They call it Life Energy or Mind over Matter. Some of you might be familiar with Masuru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who proved that human words, thoughts and emotions affect the crystalline structure of frozen water. Simply put, we can intentionally aim beautiful thoughts such as love or appreciation at water and the water will crystallize into beautiful ice patterns. Conversely, we can use ugly or hateful words or thoughts toward water, even the same water, and the crystals will be brown, ill formed, ragged, misshapen and ugly.

Recognizing our Etheric Energy Body

American Scientists didn’t explore human energy fields until 1938 when Harold Burr researched what he named Life Fields. Life Fields were described by Burr as a electro-dynamic field around a body which will be different in health or disease. Some cultures call it our aura.

Later Robert Becker MD and his research showed that growth and development in living organisms is closely connected to the electromagnetic fields associated with the nervous system (meridians). What he found was an electromagnetic field associated with the human body and appears to be an expression of a more subtle energy field known as the etheric pattern. In some ways this explains the meridians within the body and the electromagnetic energy measurable outside of the body - the aura.

Centuries ago artists drew and painted what they saw. Many older paintings show men and women with 'halos'. Is it possible the artists saw the light energy around their subjects? I think so.

Energy flows through all of life. In our bodies different cultures call it Life Energy, Life Force, Holy Spirit, Dunamis, Sozo, Chakra’s, New Life, Prana, and others call it Qi (chi). Whatever you call it, it is a vibration, a frequency.

Everything has frequency - so many vibrations per sec. Emotions and thoughts are energy so they also have frequency. Negative thoughts/emotions lower our frequency by 12 MHz while positive thoughts raise our frequency by 10 MHz. This correlates with certain chemicals released at certain frequencies. Cortisol responds to low energy. It is meant to be our 'fight and flight' hormone and to protect our body's from dangerous situations. Unfortunately most of us live with so much daily dread and fear that our cells are subjected to a Cortisol bath on a regular basis. Too much of a good thing can have disastrous results. Our cells were meant for health and well being produced and promoted by the happy, high energy hormones Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins and Dopamine.

The Etheric Energy Body is detectable before birth. In fact Harold Burr discovered the energy field in a salamander egg BEFORE it was fertilized.

There is actually evidence that our body’s three dimensional form is imprinted and projected in our DNA. Science knows now that EVERY CELL in the human body contains ALL THE INFORMATION to duplicate a whole new body. This is exactly how science creates clones. Scientists can use a cell from the gut and place it in a petri dish chemically prepared to receive an egg (environment) and the gut cell activated as an egg cell.

Some traditions have known about the energy highways for thousands of years. China, India, Japan and Tibet called the energy highways energy channels, meridians or nadis. It has only been relatively recent that the meridians (as I will refer to them) have been observed under high magnification with dye to highlight the channels. Acupuncture uses points on the meridians to release energy flow that has been blocked. There are 12 primary paired meridians and two single mid meridians, six yang and six yin. The yang meridians run down the body and the yin meridians flow up the body.

Disease is the result of blocked meridians where energy is not flowing.

Our diet, exercise, thoughts and beliefs all impact our subtle energy body. Of these practices our thoughts and beliefs rule. Our degree of inner peace is created by what we believe which creates a strong or weak energy field or aura.

• Diet and exercise support our mental and emotional health also. Energetically strong individuals will most likely have good diets and get plenty of healthy exercise. However the strongest, most immediate healing comes from their inner life of elevated beliefs that led them to the more healthy lifestyle.

• Religious practices that begin with our inner knowing can produce peaceful and healthy practitioners.

• Working hard to earn happiness or health is counter productive and can lead to mental and physical breakdown stemming from very low energy.

Our etheric subtle body energy is formed by our thoughts and beliefs.

The actual healthy lifestyle is the out cropping of right believing in that area.

So why isn't everyone just raising their subtle body energy to healthy, life giving frequencies? The Saboteur of elevated emotions and thoughts is:


Stress includes fore-mostly: fear, hatred and bitterness.The situation could be anything, war, a job stress, relational, health stress, financial and very importantly fear of failure, disapproval, rejection with low, low, low self esteem.

Here is an example. Suppose a very young child is taught that God is good. But as the child matures the church also teaches them to have a 'healthy' fear of God believing that a healthy fear of God would make them be more in awe of his power and more diligent to follow his word. The child has grown up trusting the church elders and never thinks to ask questions. So now the child begins to fear God the same way they fear a bad, scary movie, hiding under the covers during fearful scenes. The child was also taught that sin was crouching at the door just waiting to attack and destroy him/her. They must stay alert! They believe they were born sinners. And lastly but certainly not least, this innocent, trusting human being was taught that a fiery judgement awaited anyone who wasn’t saved. They believed someday they would die and wake up in the place of torments. As if that wasn’t enough my generation produced a movie about hell and showed it to school aged children. Oh dear God!

What if the church was wrong? What if this lesson brought an UNHEALTHY FEAR of God? What if this fear took root as a young child so that years later an unhealthy fear of God was buried in the subconscious mind of an adult?

I believe this is what the Bible calls ‘offending a little child who believes in me.’

These negative lessons were foundational to negative belief systems. Every situation in their lives will be measured by these negative, fearful beliefs. Would a person believing like this be happy? Would this person live from hope? Would this person expect to be loved and cherished by God, their Father, the one who made them? Now would this person be high in energy or low energy? These are called Limiting Beliefs. These beliefs are not based on truth and they will stress you out and make you sick! No surprise then to find so many believers with auto immune disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, asthma, allergies or even worse, depression, cancer, schizophrenia or bi-polar.

Maybe I am talking to you.

Negative Beliefs = fear, hatred, anger = low vibration = sickness
Elevated Beliefs = love, joy and peace = high energy vibrations = health

Sometimes we fool ourselves. Our mind thinks we believe God is good all the time. We tell ourselves he is the healer and by his stripes we ARE healed. But we DO NOT BELIEVE IT. We worry, get angry and suffer from anxiety, these emotions reveal our true heartfelt beliefs. Our own hearts condemn us.😩

Our heart energy and mind energy are out of sync producing scattered energy, the energy pattern is like the water crystals formed after a hateful message, dark, misshapen, dead. Sickness is a symptom of wrong believing.

Instead; Be still and know God. Then you will know that God is good all the time and God is love. Love covers a multitude of sin. Perfect love casts out ALL FEAR. You are safe and secure. Believe that.