• Sue Ellen Jones


Updated: May 3, 2019

Meditation celebrates life. No one created their life it was a gift. Life is a Gift. Being thankful for something as fundamental as life itself helps us be thankful for everything else we have been given.

Meditation helps us find ourselves. You see, we are as great as the gift of life! A great power lives within us. Some of us are like sleeping bears, hibernating in our den, snoozing through our days unaware of our inner strength, our well of wisdom and infinate potential. This is because throughout our life we have been honoring only what other people thought of us as truth. As children we received many messages about our identity. Some folks gave us uplifting messages instilling in our heart and mind a wonderful self-image of possibilities. Other messages from well meaning adults, teachers, parents, friends, media, doctors etc, said we lacked something, we were not enough. We would never be, never have, never know . . . Those messages are like computer code on our subconscious mind. This part of our brain runs automatically as it is coded to do. Thus even as adults we sometimes act beneath our true selves running on autopilot a system that is always running. Thank goodness it is running too since it also takes care of our breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and on and on.

Meditation opens us up to who we are. First of all, meditation calms our mind and nervous systems by observing the breath, one of the automatic systems. Next meditation uses our God given imagination to picture ourselves doing the impossible. Once we see the story we can then write the new story line and turn it into a scrolling video across our mind. Carefully observe the video, look at the pictures, read your the new 'story'. Let your feelings surface and feel deeply. How does it feel to be all you can be? FEEL THAT!!!! And lastly, allow the gratefulness in your heart to overflow. Thanksgiving with unabashed joy rising from your heart as the language of love and the language that seals your new creation.

The 'old' wineskin of unbelief in yourself is replaced by the 'new' wineskin of your most awesome being, purposefully and intentionally created by the power of your own imagination. (God is a creator, you are made in his image therefore you also create) (It's not about looking like God, God is spirit without a body so that's not even possible 😊)

Throughout history man has tried many ways to improve. Most efforts have failed miserably. Here is the short list: religion - trying harder, alcohol to dull the pain, drugs to do the same, self help programs to give you 'new' skills, self flagellation, uppers and downers, striving for success, money, sex, what else have men tried? Prayer and meditative practices renews our minds and hearts to think it, see it, feel it, be grateful, and manifest our best selves.. 😊 It seems pretty difficult to bring modern men and women into quietness and rest. Our lives are HYPERACTIVE (and we worry about our kids!)

So here's what you do: set yourself down and begin meditating today. Only you can make yourself STOP. You can control your activity level. You can STOP. When the 'to do list' begins to play🎵 HIT - DELETE. Stop ~ Drop ~ Rest