• Sue Ellen Jones

We Live In Sedentary Times

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Fun AND exercise

Sitting at our desks and staring at devices, we can do better. Just as we are responsible to do our best to eat wisely so are we responsible with exercise. It doesn't have to be at the gym, I think incorporating movement into everyday life is very effective.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator

  • Walk the dog everyday &¬†sneak a little jog into your walk,¬†¬†your furry friend will thank you. ¬†

  • Call a friend and schedule daily walks in the park

  • DANCE every chance you get, even in your¬†living room in your pajamasūüėĀ

  • Take advantage of seasonal sports like skating, skiing, snow shoeing, swimming, tennis, biking, hiking, climbing the dunes, holiday running events &¬†roller blading.¬†

  • Sign up to play team volley ball, basketball, baseball &¬†softball

  • Work outside in the garden, raking leaves, shoveling snow.¬†

  • Sign up for Yoga, meet weekly and do it with friends. It's the best.ūüėÉ

 We don't have to be marathoners to be healthy and our best selves. And it's not just one thing like doing the physical training to become ballet dancers without caring for our diet and our minds.   Our bodies, our minds and our emotions are integrated and need good nutrition, exercise and healthy, uplifting thoughts and beliefs which birth positive feelings and healthy emotions. Honoring our bodies, hearts and minds will yield energy, mental clarity, joy for life, fewer regrets all the while experiencing more successes. 


Pearl of Wisdom: Choose one activity. ūüėÄ

Do one activity well.  

  • Use meditation or prayer to guide¬†your decision.¬†

  • Use Essential Oils ~ They inspire¬†motivation and¬†passion, provide¬†energy, soothe¬†sore muscles, tight tendons, achy joints and pain. ¬†¬†