• Sue Ellen Jones

What's It All About Alfie?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

WHAT'S LIFE ALL ABOUT, what is essential to live, what is the essence, the central core of our lives?  Here's my first:

Pearl of Wisdom: Observe your moments.

Learn to live your days moment by moment. Be in the moment. What are you feeling? Observe yourself, your loved ones, your friends. Hear them. See and feel your surroundings. Is it noisy, quiet, cold, hot? Do you hear the birds, the other animal sounds and do you hear the waves, feel the wind, what does the woods smell like? Be in each and every moment. 

Awaken - open your spiritual and physical eyes. Meditation and prayer can make this happen. Don't sleep through your days staring at media.

Be Alive -  take a deep breath, and another one.  Begin to experience YOUR feelings, feel youfrom head to toe. And be THANKFUL. Best way ever to be ALIVE. 

Be Aware - of your inner space. Meditate to heighten your spiritual senses. Then your inner world comes alive and is more real than your circumstances. You will be aware of your possibilities and potential. 

This site is about ALL of life and how we can best realize our potential, our happiness, our peace. It's about paying attention to our health, honoring our bodies by cleaning up our lifestyles, our diets and incorporating exercise. Most importantly, it's about our thoughts and beliefs. Let's begin by listening to our thoughts and when necessary, changing our minds by using spiritual practices like prayer, meditation and affirmations to renew our minds and transform our lives. Let's find out how to open our hearts to higher thinking allowing healthy beliefs to blossom.  Which brings us to Essential Oils.  Using Essential Oils is a safe, effective way to support our bodies, minds and souls. They help us open our minds and hearts. We all need help recognizing our authentic self. Often we don't know how to fix our fearful thoughts and feelings of hopelessness but  we can learn to simply use and trust the oils to awaken our minds and hearts to the power of our inner life. They are a gift of the earth, a gift of God, given to do what we were never meant to do by ourselves.  Everything really is connected. We each touch one another. May we connect within the confines of these words in these posts. Come with me and learn essential life wisdom acquired in the crucible of living.