• Sue Ellen Jones

What's the Big Deal?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

No responsibility No self control No self esteem

The Truth - you already know what to eat. But because we 'believe' we have no responsibility, we have no self control, we have no willpower, and for many, we actually loathe ourselves, there is only defeat. Therefore we disregard our inner knowing, we never even stop to listen to our bodies and instead eat compulsively. We are afraid to discover why we are compulsive eaters and we choose to live in denial all the while eating our cares away.

Every bit of this is fear based, a belief about yourself that is rooted in fear. And then this happens, years of poor eating habits become addictions and manifest as disease: heart disease, diabetes, auto immune, obesity etc..

This won't be an informational article about the five steps to healthy eating.  This is an article meant to lift up the rock, see the 'why'. It's about discerning the lies and untruths you've been subconsciously controlling you. It's an inside job. The awesome truth is KNOW WHO YOU ARE, your true self, then you will open to love, show power emanating from the inside, power you already have, we just need to be AWARE.

Let's begin.

So What's the Big Deal?

You came from a divine source. God, that's a big deal!

You are wonderfully made. There are eleven major organ systems in the human body, which include the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous, endocrine system, the immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscle and reproductive systems are also part of the human body. 

What part of the day do you dedicate to keeping all eleven body systems operating?

Oh, you don't? That's because something/some one, triggers these systems to function properly, so Who is this someone? Mrs. Brain.

Let's not forget our brain, the Mother of all Computers,(conscious brain).

Miss¬†Subconscious¬†(brain) also operates perfectly without our input! So why do we eat compulsively? Why do we treat our bodies with less respect and care than our¬†car, our¬†dog¬†or our manicured lawns?¬†‚Äč

Three problems plague us.

1. Careless eating has lead to a sugar addiction. Not our will be done any longer. The sugar addiction controls us. This is a vicious circle that needs to be broken.

2. Our belief that we are not worthy of love leaves us powerless. Love empowers, fear paralyzes.  We desperately try diets and read about diets on the internet ad nauseam in hopes of discovering our problem. What we generally find is another domino in the sequence of symptoms and think it is our 'aha' moment. Many things we try work initially but the root of the problem lies buried in our subconscious mind. We might pray that God will intercede for us while we hide behind fake expressions and false humility.  In the mean time we: "Eat, Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we die." And if we believe this is true WE MIGHT BE RIGHT!

 3.We live in our past failures and fears and project them into our future. So for us time stands still in the past, we never move forward. Our past becomes our present over and over again. Many subconscious memories are buried, we are totally unaware of their existence. Fears that began as children, offenses stole the childlike faith and trust in goodness, God's and theirs. To this day we respond exactly the same from similar situations.

Firstly, our weight problems and our illnesses have never been the fault of the foods that are available. We have a great variety available in our country. However our sugar addiction is making our dietary choices for us. We need to satisfy our sugar craving. Healthy vegetables and fruits are available and they provide fiber, carbs/sugars and we could choose them. Clean and green taste mighty good but not if you’re addicted to sugar. More than likely we have been choosing to eat refined carbohydrates in hamburgers, chicken tenders or pizza. Not to mention the shakes, chips, frozen dinners and pop.  We choose them, our subconscious program chooses them for the sugar.  They are stone, cold, dead, without one ounce of life-giving vitality, these selections, if processed and not homemade are not even called food. We know they aren't good for us but we roll the dice. How long can we get by? The fear of an uncomfortable sugar withdrawal coupled with our inner critic reminding us we're losers and keeps us on the hamster wheel. Around we go from failure, to limiting belief, and back to food.  Sugar has us by the throat and will kill us unless we act.

Secondly - MORE IMPORTANTLY; 'Stinkin Thinkin' got us here so let's get some clarity. By yourself it will be difficult, you have a program running in your head and between this program and the sugar addiction you are simply not in your right mind. We need to address what we really, really believe.


Pearl of Wisdom : Practice meditation for a week or two, every day. 

Meditation silences the inner critic who says you will fail.

Meditation puts you in the present moment.

Meditation directs our minds to focus on our being. You are much more than a physical body and your body is phenomenal!

Meditation quiets our minds, focuses our attention on our inner world.

Meditation takes you out of your earthly vessel, allows you to experience your divine nature that you share with God.

Meditation restores our faith and trust in who we are, children of the most High God.

May I remind you, the apples do not fall far from the tree. Along the way of this sacred tradition God will teach his child (you) everything you need to know including how to break the sugar addiction and what foods to eat. 

"But the anointing that you received from him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone should teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about everything, and is true, and is no lie‚ÄĒjust as it has taught you, abide in him."