• Sue Ellen Jones

Who are you anyway?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

This is a time to reach out and help someone, help another. People all around us are hurting. Fear is eating away at their life energy leaving them heart, soul and body sick and you can help. We all have an innate power to lift others up. They are orphans and they cannot be helped by other orphans they need folks who know who they are, who they were created to be. When you know, really know, who you are you will be able to energize others just by your presence.

Childhood stories are full of spiritual wisdom. Cinderella was created for destiny. She was a princess even while sitting in ashes and sweeping cinders.Long before she knew she was a princess she already was a princess.

It works like that for you and I too. We live the life we believe in until we change our minds and believe something new. Hmm did you read that? Do you believe you are brilliant? What about beautiful? Do you believe you are beautiful? Are you satisfied right now, satisfied and contented with you, your life? May I ask you a provocative question: Do you and God agree that you are perfectly loved? Do you believe God loves you just the way you are? That God gives a shout out in heaven about how awesome you are? Do you believe God adores you, brags to the angels like, "See Jan over there she is smart and beautiful, she is my favorite. Oh, and there's Jim he's my favorite. Jim can really fix cars, he knows everything about cars!" Are you worried you failed yourself, others and God? Maybe you are in jail and facing lots of consequences for messing up. Does God love bad people? Well if you are the worst sinner in the whole world, God still loves you unconditionally. I'm sure you've heard, 'God loves us unconditionally but loves us too much to leave us where we are in our sin' Hahaha

Here is the truth,

"Pearl of Wisdom": Once WE KNOW God loves us we are no longer riddled with fears of self doubt, condemnation, and guilt. We are free of self sabotage. We are free to love God, others and ourselves extravagantly. We just get better and better! Our heart and God's heart are one and we know it.

Without personal spiritual transformation we cannot enlighten another human being. You must first KNOW you are God's child. KNOW he loves you perfectly. KNOW love. Then we can give the 'other' the love with which we ourselves have been loved, the love we have for our own selves. If that sounds like an inflated view of yourself than answer me this, how then is it possible to love your neighbor AS YOURSELF if you do not love yourself? Too often we come from a place of false humility, insincere devotion to an obligatory limiting belief. Change your mind, metanoia, repent, agree with God, have a super happy thought of YOURSELF. GOD don't make no junk! Now you CAN come along side and lift another person.

Here's some help to waking up to your true self;

1. Be still - quiet your mind, listen to your heart. pray, meditate

2. Use essential oils - the oils change your cellular chemistry. EO's cleanse cells of toxins, and they support the flow of happy hormones - endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. Essential oils assist our minds to come into sync with our heart energy that we can see ourselves as we truly are, magnificent.