• Sue Ellen Jones

L-2 Our Subtle Energy Body

Updated: Feb 2

Once you’ve discovered your identity is God’s own identity and you are completely hidden in Christ, what’s next to begin living our best most productive lives using tapping in to our subtle body energy?

God wants us to know who we are because:

  • We are His and thus we are AMAZING.

  • God is limitless and thus so are we limitless.

  • His energy appears as love, and thus so does our energy appear as l love.

  • Subtle Body energy is an energy body not made of matter just like God. God is spirit or you might say God is energy and everything is energy.

In fact the biggest revelation you will ever have is :

Christ, the son of God, is in you, as you. You are not divided into Jesus and you, no not at all. You are one.

I learned this one day when the Holy Spirit showed me what it means to be one with God. This is my intuitive side, the voice of God.

I was shown a tall milk shake container to which I added all of me and all of HIM. I set the speed on high and BUZZZZ mixed the concoction until you could not separate Jesus from myself, we were a pure substance. In fact we looked the same, just like each other, made in the same image, there is no separation at all. This is what it looks like to be one with God. Of course all of this is at the spirit level and that makes perfect sense since ALL IS ENERGY.

So how do I actually see myself as one with God? It is profoundly simple but maybe one of the hardest things for Western Christianity to achieve. You see, it requires silence. Silence in your inner most being.

Don’t leave me now 😊. Silence is golden, it’s mysterious and silence holds your very essence. Over and over again God asks us in his word to enter the secret place, enter the holy of holies, be still and know that I am God. But Western Christians ask and praise but rarely are we so still that we can hear his voice.

Years ago I belonged to a group that practiced the art of ‘Soaking’. Another name for it would be meditation. It required the participants to lie down and be quiet, listen to the music playing gently in the background and let go of our busy minds and begin to listen to the sounds of silence. I dearly loved soaking but it really never caught on with many believers. Why, because no one could:

1.Be quiet

2. Nor could most find the value in the practice.

I was privileged to observe some dear ones who truly entered into the golden silence and experience transformation. Some were healed of illnesses, some recovered from emotional stress while still others were delivered from addictions. ‘Soaking’ was something that held mystery and power. It confounded my understanding yet it was dynamite for seeing in the spirit. Wow, just wow. It all began to make sense when I began a practice of meditation that opened so many doors to the power I held on the inside because of my intimate, identity with Christ. So let’s give it a go and let’s enter the quiet place and discover who we have always been and access the our energy body, our life energy, our Qi. (chi)